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First Magnet: Leading the Way in High-Performance Magnets

  • High-performance: We are a leading manufacturer of high-performance magnets

  • Professional: Our dedicated R&D team develops advanced materials tailored to your specific needs in motors, generators, sensors, 5G communication devices, and more. We implement rigorous quality control systems to ensure our magnets consistently meet the highest standards.

  • Reliable: First Magnet has been reliable and long-term supplier for Volkswagen, Toyota, Ford, Hyundai, Samsung, Sony,  Panasonic, BOSCH, ZIEHL-ABEGG, Bitron, Sogefi, Dyson; Ericsson, Skyworks

  • Easy to meet us:  In our factory, at the trade show below, by phone or online

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Booth 810

Booth 313

European Microwave Week Paris 2024


Booth 713B

( 24-26 Sep 2024)


Booth 3-C69 

( 20 -21 March. 2024)


European Microwave Week Paris


Booth 055

( 1-3 October 2019)

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