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Are you looking for:  Matching ferrite for your sensor, motor,rotor, isolator, circulator, ceramic substrates...

Many of our application engineers face with very specific technical challenges with their application design such as magnetic characterics and shapes. Therefore, they require customized magnetic solutions to match their design requirement. As a magnet manufacturer, we understand them well. We focus on developing our production and fabrication to ensure that our customers receive products that are specifically catered to their unique design requirements.

Our core competence: Customized magnet production process solution

We can not only manufacture standard products, but also be able to customize the production according to special requirements of magnetic properties matching customers' applications, such as Br, Hcj, Hcb values and tolerance requirements. Our extensive production experience allows us to control the formulation of raw materials and develop corresponding production process solutions to achieve special performance goal for finished product.

We Focus on: Stability, Consistency and Uniformity of Magnetic Performance

The automotive sector put high requirement on stability consistency and uniformity of magnetic performance. Stability can describe as repeatable magnetic performance of a material under specific conditions over the life of the magnet. Consistency means each piece of magnet in the same grade shows a similar magnetic performance. Uniformity refer as each piece of magnet in the same batch shows a similar magnetic performance.

In PM motor,especially high-precision motors, require high consistent performance and less uniformity error. Because the magnet is the source of magnetic circuit, stability, consistency and uniformity of the magnetic properties are vital to avoid the loss of magnetic flow after magnet assembled. Inconsistency magnetic properties will result in uneven magnetic field of the motor, increased torque ripple, increased output voltage ripple of the generator, poor linearity, and reduced accuracy of the control motor. In addition,if the magnetic properties of the same grade of material in different batches are inconsistent, could cause the motor to fail in batches. When the dispersion is large under the same grade and the same batch of material, it caused the performance data may vary greatly. Thus, the dispersion of permanent magnets also brings certain difficulties to the analysis of motors performance and the numerical calculation of magnetic fields. The accuracy of design will be affected.


The stability, consistency and uniformity of ferrite magnet are affected by various factors: material,process,shape size, magnetizing tool, magnetizing method, etc., which makes the control difficulty. For instance, during the ferrite manufacturing, there are different factors that affect stability, consistency and uniformity, including time, temperature, reluctance changes, adverse fields, radiation, shock, stress, and vibration Therefore, the overall manufacturing process should be well controlled in order to gain ideal magnetic properties. Based on in-depth manufacturing know-how, we have proven our products superiority over other companies with respect to stability, consistency and uniformity of magnetic properties. Our high-precision magnets are suitable for demanding applications such as sensor, PMDC, PMSM, BPM, PMAC and widely used in telecommunication equipment. 

We offer : A Variety of Shaping Possibility 

When you want to purchase some standard ferrite magnet, you can find hundreds of suppliers in the market. But when you want to order custermized magnet suitable for your engineering design, you may find it is difficult to find the right supplier because the magnets are made with tooling (dies), new shapes may require new tooling and, particularly for the anisotropic magnets, this tooling charge can be considerable.  We experience that nearly every month that one drawing through different channels come to us in the end because we continually impress our customers with large tooling stock, where existing tools can be modified, this is done to keep our customer's costs for tooling as low as possible.. Moreover, Our mechanical department carries out the development of magnetized coils and the necessary devices.  Therefore, we are able to turn our customers innovative design into ideal products but in an economical way.

We gurantee: Reliable Quality Control

The automotive industry places high demands on quality and delivery time, so we set our internal control more stringent than standards.  Our quality management system is designed to meet quality targets for product quality, process control and documentation, aim at continual improvement, emphasizing defect prevention and the reduction of variation.Our personnel continuously undergo training in quality issues, and they check quality along the entire chain from incoming raw materials to final delivery of magnets.Each year we welcome both Certificate Institute and clients conduct factory audits for helping us towards the common goal: "Zero complain" target.Our quality and environmental management systems gain ISO 14001 and TS 16949 (IATF 16949 in 2018) accreditation since 2007. After 12 years continual improvement, we are still not perfect, but we have built up our own QMS. One of the performance under our systematic quality control  is that our customers are satisfied with our CPK index and we are able to  povide PPAP documents to demonstrate that our entire manufacturing process from materials until the finished products has the potential to produce the product that consistently meeting customers' engineering design record and specification requirements during an actual production run.

We provide: Cost-effective Solution

In general, the crucial properties of permanent magnet are not only their high energy product (BH) max, but also high magnetic stability and cost-effectiveness.Therefore, we select magnet materials based on these criteria. Also, we believe the deep communication between customers and our production guarantees the quality. We have an expert team who estimate your enquiry from the perspective of each stage of powder technology process. The experts provide you technical consulting in the selection of suitable material parameters and cost-effective solutions once they estimate you enquiry.  We influence the performance from the very beginning- and be responsible for it all the way.

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