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High-Performance Ferrite Magnets for Diverse Applications

Our custom-engineered ferrite magnets deliver exceptional performance and reliability for a wide range of applications, including sensors, motors, generators, and more. Made from a robust combination of iron oxide and barium or strontium carbonate, these magnets boast:

Superior Strength: High coercive force ensures exceptional resistance to demagnetization.

Excellent Stability: Consistent magnetic properties over time and across various conditions.

Cost-Effectiveness: Competitive pricing without compromising quality.

Diverse Options: We offer a comprehensive selection of shapes and sizes to meet your specific needs.


Unparalleled Customization and Quality Control

We differentiate ourselves through a commitment to customized production solutions. Our extensive experience allows us to:

Tailor Magnetic Properties: Fine-tune Br, Hcj, Hcb values, and tolerances to match your exact requirements.

Control the Process: Utilize high-quality materials and a meticulously controlled manufacturing process for unmatched consistency.

Offer Ready-Made Tooling: Reduce upfront costs with our selection of existing molds and tools for various shapes.

Guarantee Quality: Stringent quality control measures ensure every magnet meets your specifications.


Reliable Partner for Your Magnetic Needs

We understand the critical role magnets play in your applications. That's why we prioritize: 

  • Deep Collaboration: Our expert team works closely with you to select the most cost-effective solution for your design.

  • Unwavering Commitment: We take full responsibility for the performance of our products, ensuring your success.

  • Continuous Improvement: We strive to consistently exceed your expectations through ongoing quality improvements.

By choosing us, you gain a reliable partner dedicated to delivering high-performance, customized ferrite magnets that meet your exact needs. 

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