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Microwave Ferrite 

Microwave ferrite materials and devices open great resources to wireless communication in any applications from commercial to defense. 

We produce microwave ferrite, permanent ferrite and other related parts for wireless infrastructure, satellite communications, medical, consumer product, and defense sectors with our in-depth production expertise and technical competence, and you will find high quality, high reliability but cost effective products to your needs.

If you are looking for microwave ferrite, hard ferrite materials and related parts (SmCo), welcome to contact us

Product Application

The microwave ferrite is applicable to circulators, isolators, ceramic substrates, microwave oven etc.


Our product features

  • Customized production process

  • Stability, Consistency and Uniformity of Performance

  • Cost-effective solution

  • Reliable Quality Control

  • Available in different shapes

  • Best service 

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