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All Productions Under One Roof 

First Magnetics Co. Ltd is an IATF 16949 and ISO 14001 certificated manufacturer of ceramic magnet/ hard ferrite magnet. We produce 5000 tons per year in the shapes of rings, discs, cylinders, blocks, segments. From starting to make the magnet materials ourselves according to our material formulations, we take care of subsequent each process from milling, wet/dry pressing, sintering, grinding, cutting, machining, cleaning until packing. All of our production lines are under one roof. Though in-processing monitoring and end-product testing in our fully equipped laboratory by our strict internal inspection which is beyond standard specifications. Finally, we provide not only ideal magnetic performance but also stable and uniform products to customers. 

The Path from Raw Material to Hard Ferrite Magnet
  • 1   Inspection of pre-sintered raw materials (powder mixture of Strontium Carbonate and Ferrite Oxide) We adjust according to our own formulation    

  • 2   Mixing

  • 3   First milling

  • 4   Second Milling

  • 5   Wet pressing or dry pressing

  • 6   Axial and transverse field pressing

  • 7   Sintering

  • 8   Finishing (grinding/cutting/machining/cleaning)

  • 9   Marking, magnetising according to customer specifications

  • 10 Final inspection of goods

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