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With the configuration of our inspection, control and analysis process, we are able to identify the problems and risks in production as well as in raw materials. For applications in the automotive company, the magnets are manufactured under IATF 16949. It is imperative for our employees that they are familiar with the IATF 16949 operating systems..


Environmental policies 

All products are manufactured under ISO 14001 system.  


High performance, Stability, and Consistency  

Through our actions, we have achieved one of the best possible stability and consistency of high-performance ferrite magnet in China.


For us, quality means meeting the given features. The normal tolerances are +/- 2% of size for dimensions ( excluding magnetized directions and machining process).  


How we fulfill the requirement

Quality must be provided and guaranteed throughout the process in which our company participates. The fulfillment of this mentality begins with the consultation. Next, the company in its entirety, when assigned to us, directs the production and ensures the quality of the final product, also including the process and the service. We control quality at all stages, from the selection of material to final goods. Constantly, we control the process by monitoring the requirements in dimensions and magnetism. That includes tests with the pre-finished products, measurements of the dimensions and performance test. The products are 100% traceable and controlled with reports that are sent to customers on demand.

A quality guarantee, defined in the quality control manual, guarantees the implementation of the requirements. We pay special attention to the motivation and preparation of employees. Our documents guarantee the quality of the product and different tests are carried out during each stage of production. These reports can be sent under consultation.

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